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Thursday Jun. 18th
"Into the Woods"
album release show
with special guests
JEFF JOYNER & friends


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A mobile friendly site for ArtFRONT concert productions promotion and reviews.

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ArtFRONT Concert Series

Past shows:

The ArtFRONT Concert Series Archive of Posters & Flyers

Angel Snow & Viktor Krauss play Barking Legs Theater Chattanooga, Tennessee Apr. 16, 2010.
Printable, full size
ArtFRONT Concert Series Posters and flyers.


Album Reviews

Album Review for Arizona's The Glowing Bird.

Foxygen "...And Star Power"


JANE WEAVER album retrospective:
Rip open the brand new album "THE SILVER GLOBE" by our top rated UK recording artist, PLUS links to four full albums of Jane Weaver's earlier work now streaming and available for purchase/download

Just because it's been out for awhile doesn't mean there's not a lot of fantastic music you still need to hear...
Learn about classic albums by Little Country Giants, The Everybodyfields, Arizona and more in

The Bonnaroo music festival
in Manchester Tennessee is one of the biggest and most challenging to attend. Here we'll help You catch up on who was good in 2008.

Ferris wheel at Bonnaroo 2008.

This article will serve the purpose of directing You toward concerts by bands that are likely to put on a smashing good show throughout the rest of the year now that Bonnaroo season is over.

The Crowd for Sigur Ros at the 2008 Bonnaroo festival.

Who was good at Bonnaroo, 2008? ArtFRONT Reviews the shows by My Morning Jacket, The Avett Brothers, Sigur Ros, Cat Power, Metallica, Robert Plant & Allison Krauss, The Royal Bangs, the everybodyfields and lots more.


The Green Man Festival August 2007, Brecon Wales

Joanna Newsom & Robert Plant Headline the Premier British Indie Folk Fest



Click here to read the full, glorious article with links to over 90 different bands that played this year!

Read the full article with lots of glorious photos and links to over 90 different bands that played the Welsh festival last year!


Concert Reviews

The Bridges
replace Neko Case as ArtFRONT's top pick for best live performance!
John Fogerty rebuilds the foundation of American Rock 'n Roll in Nashville's Ryman Auditorium.
Plus new shows by Megan McCormick, The Bowmans & Freakwater!

John Fogerty live at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee Dec. 5 2007.

the everybodyfields

Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews are the everybodyfields. Read about their astounding musical career here in the ArtFRONT.com interviews.


"Nothing is Okay"
Our yearly update & review of one of the country's best Americana performing & songwriting teams

Our third year in a row updating you on the the success and phenomenal performances of the everybodyfields, covering the development of their third full CD, the new touring lineup and live performance photos documenting their growth in popularity and three excellent CD's.

This is perhaps the most complete documentary on the Johnson City Tennessee duo of Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews, reaching back to their origins as a trio with dobro genius David Richey up through their latest release on Ramseur Records ( home of The Avett Brothers..) titled "Nothing is Okay." Click HERE for the full article.



"The Bridges"

Apart from winning ArtFRONT's top pick for live performance of 2007 The Bridges sign with Verve records before final recording sessions are done at Matthew Sweet's studio. Read a full article on this up and coming vocal harmony powerhouse

Chattanooga's Miller Plaza during one of the free Summertime concerts

NEW! "The A List" of upcoming live performances well worth going to see.
Keep tuned for more as they are announced.

Robert Plant & Allison Krause with T.Bone Burnett

Go for the historical significance and for downright enjoyable tunes. This show will be one of the most talked about musical events of the year.
There are still a few tickets on sale.
The official website with tour dates is HERE.
The best bet for tickets in the U.S.A. will be the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival which almost never sells out.
Be sure to see our writeup on Robert Plant at the
Green Man Festival.

We're excited
about all the new music in

"The Listening Room"

Just go ahead and click it!

Elegant downtempo trip-hop

Near psychedelic Brit-rock from the southern USA via Los Angeles???!!!

A great new Rock n Roll voice

Lilting Psychedelic folk from Brooklyn, NY

Band of Horses
Have a listen to see why they got famous so fast.!

"Brad Sucks"
Canadian Home Recording Power Pop whiz kid

Slick Nashville Pop, Another great new voice!..

Carol Bui
Sophisticated Young D.C. Rocker on the upsurge..

Charles Allison
Always a great melody

David LK Murphy
The heavy male side of the new NYC folk movement

Daily Live Recording Sessions by Touring Indie Artists

Harrison Hudson
They callit "Thrash Pop,"
Live they're a little Elvisy.

Jane Weaver
ArtFRONT's current pick for best singer/songwriter

J. Roddy Walston
and The Business

Rowdy, upbeat NEW style Rock n Roll

Kim Wayman
Really intense, sultry, movie soundtrack vocals.
All around Gorgeous stuff!

K.T. Tunstall
Possibly the top all around Brit Pop songstress.

Leaving Miss Blue
Kickass southern lues boogie band makes their own cigar box guitars & electric washboards.

Little Radio
Excellent Rock & Pop Indie Webcast out of L.A.
works best if You copy this shortcut into i-tunes

Jagged Edge Girl Rock from Brooklyn

MC Frontalot
The Original Nerdcore Hip-Hop, Not "parent-safe"

No River City
Atlanta's Rocking-Americana Storytellers

Rollo Greb
Some Great new bluesy southern psychedelic rock!

Sarah Siskind
Nashville's most intense behind the scenes singer/songwriter

Somehow At Sea
West coast Psych folk

Rich Machin, Ian Glover & Mark Lanegan !!!

Stefanie Drootin
Gillian Welch Meets Sufjian over a Theramin ??? Memorable and lovely.

The Ash and The Oak
Slightly goofy, intensely British flavored psychedelic folk rock like in the good ol' days!

The Bridges
Stunningly pretty vocal arrangements
by ArtFRONT's current top pick
for live performances!

The Burning Brides
Real Heavy Rock from Los Angeles

The Charms
High Energy REAL Rock n Roll band, great live AND on record!

Thee Something Brothers
Rough-ass Punk Rock from Chattanooga, but Sweet..

the everybodyfields
ArtFRONT's current pick for
Best recording AND Performing Artists

The Fevered Brain of Radiomike network
A web based "radio station"

The Little Country Giants
Gorgeous REAL Americana from Rome Georgia
Atlanta Creative Loafing Traditional Folk Band of the year

The Octopus
A little psychedelic metal from Detroit

The Octopus Project
Austin experimental electronic pop orchestra

Thistle Town
Uplifting Traditional Folk from the U.K.

Tift Merritt
Click the wheel menu to go to Lost Highway Records,
then click "Artists Entrance" & check out their Jukebox

Rock n Roll

Tyler Ramsey
More beautiful indie folk from Asheville, NC



This is the entrance to ......

"The Listening Room"

It's way past time to spring for a nice set of speakers for your computer. The Listening Room is a page You can easily scroll through and click to play some of the best free online music available. This is music that We enjoy enough to put up on our play list and share with You. This feature is designed so that You can listen to streaming audio immediately without having to download anything. If You want to download mp3's many of the songs in here are downloadable, though many require a small fee to do so. The links are in alphabetical order and all musical styles are represented with quality being the main requirement.

The Listening Room works best if You open it up in it's own window first, through the above link. The scrolling band names to the left should switch the audio to each band once The Listening Room page is open, or go straight to the artists audio page if You don't open the main link first. They are currently under development and mostly there to look pretty. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a few more comments on how it all works.

The requirements for included music are; 1. It has to be GOOD enough to be a part of our personal playlist.. 2. Complete songs must be streaming, no "snippets" allowed. 3. The authors of the music have to provide their streaming audio free of charge. Some downloadable material may have fees but all pages featured contain free music to listen to immediately. The Listening Room is highly selective, even some of our favorite artists are not included because we feel they do not offer their best songs on their audio pages, but there are some as yet unknown bands that are giving us some really great stuff, so go on over and enjoy discovering this new music!

There's lots of bands here that we've been impressed with enough to promote and even produce concerts for. At this time we are working on adding a large number of our favorite musical groups to The Listening Room. And it will grow continually as we discover great new music online so keep checking back!.

In The Listening Room You can link directly to streaming audio sites while keeping this section open and continue to read while You listen. You can turn on the music and kick back or crank it up and go do some chores around the house. This could be the beginning of the final solution to commercial radio. Suggestions are welcome and will be considered. It's best to contact us through the ArtFRONT Myspace page.



You can listen to some top notch Radio Webcasts right here!




Listen to WUTC's streaming audio broadcast by clicking here.






The Fevered Brain of "RadioMike"

Click here to go directly to the Radio Mike broadcast.

The Best Radio Stations to Hear new music

Once I figure out a fair way to judge which radio Stations deserve the accolades inherent in being included in ArtFRONT’s Music Section I will set up a page which lists all of the best, most innovative, influential, groundbreaking, whatever....stations that people send me evidence of as being worthy. For now, link up and listen to these few fine stations. Most are also included in The Listening Room.

WUTC 88.1 FM Chattannooga, Tennessee. Traditionally has been Southeast Tennessee's premier new music broadcaster. There's now lots more N.P.R.news programming than ever before. From 10:00am until noon Cleveland Carlson plays requests and a lot of eclectic southern style rock, blues & jams. From 1:00pm to 4:00pm weekdays (E.S.T.) You can usually catch Richard Winham's tasteful world-wide ranging cuts. Starting at 8:00pm Tommy Cotter's Evening music program spans every conceivable style of contemporary music selected from years of listening experience. This station is one of the few that excels at having live studio performances on air whenever exceptional musicians are in town for a live gig. To listen to WUTC 88.1FM's live webcast click on the logo to the left. And hats off to "Jazz with Bob Parlocha" which is one of the last remaining straight ahead jazz programs playing from midnight until morning on this and other N.P.R. stations.

WDVX is a grass roots radio station.Out of Knoxville, Tennessee. This station is one of the last fortresses of Real Country music. Not the artificial diesel smoke flavored generic commercialism that's being pumped out of Nashville and passed off as country. WDVX plays the real article which is sought after the world over. It's a seemingly endless fountain of real American heritage music. And their streaming webcast is there for You no matter where You live, unless You've got no electricity then You should get a fiddle and make your own music. Amazingly, this Public radio station was broadcasting out of a 14 ft. long R.V. trailer with dangerous looking antennas up on top until August of 2003. Recently a popular addition to their broadcast is the "Blue Plate Special" which features acclaimed regional performers playing live shows most every day at noon. Praises of fans of their webcast come from all over the planet. Their play list will surprise You with Jimmy Rogers & the Carter Family, Earl Scruggs & Johnny Cash backed up against Jerry Garcia, David Grisman & James McMurtry. Start scheduling your own traditional country and Americana education by clicking their logo and hooking up to their webcast.

I've enjoyed listening to the online broadcast by "RadioMike." Recently transplanted from New York City to Austin Texas where he can ge a litle closer to the grimy musical obssessions of the down home populous....(?) His playlist, includes a lot of new artists I've never heard of with old traditionals mixed in. If You enjoy uncovering new talent, especially artists who play small venues around NYC and Austin TX, www.thefeveredbrainofradiomike.com is quite resourceful and entertaining in a nerdy research kind of way. (Hey if it weren't for us nerdy researchers You wouldn't know didly...) Click over to his broadcast site for a pleasant break from commercial radio. I believe what RadioMike is doing will be one of the big trends for the future of music. Since commercial radio is so easy to burn out on more & more people will be turning to web broadcasts to find music that is being played by well informed music lovers rather than big corporations trying to sell their product.


The First issue

Read all of the first issue of ArtFRONT Current Music Dynamics by clicking here.


ArtFRONT's "Current Music Dynamics" Archived here.

Don't think we've forgotten about the dozens of great artists who were featured in the First Edition of ArtFRONT's Current Music Dynamics because You can have that entire issue by clicking HERE!

Click here to open up this full size portrait of Neko Case by photographer Chris Buck.
Neko Case, 8mm, Freekbass, Tift Merritt, The Everybodyfields, JaneWeaver, Sista Otis, Jennifer Daniels, Charles Allison, Audra Kubat, Up With The Joneses, MC Frontalot, The Shaking Ray Levis & lots more!

To see the gallery of concert posters and flyers for all the previous ArtFRONT shows click below... Doubleclick the images to open them full size. All ArtFRONT concert posters and flyers may be downloaded and printed. Graphic design is included as part of the promotion for all concerts Produced and Promoted by ArtFRONT Presentations. We can also be contracted to design a print and interactive digital graphics package for your own concert tour! See the printing instructions or our contact page to notify us that you'd like your own.

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Is the address to contact if You are interested in submitting information or material to us here at ArtFRONT. For artists to receive promotion or articles in the main music section (this page,) we ideally need to be able to hear their recordings & see a live performance. We do need more people reporting Concert Reviews from all over the planet. And we'll try to give all "Listening Room" candidates a listen. Send an e-mail and we'll get back ASAP and see what we can work out. If You are interested in performing in the Southeastern U.S. be sure to check out the "venues" link at the top of this page.

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